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LSCU's 50th Anniversary

To our Members,

THANK YOU for choosing Lone Star Credit Union. It is because of your trust and support that we are celebrating 50 years in business. Every day we work to find solutions that will financially empower you through each stage in your life and provide you with the personal service you've come to expect. 

As we celebrate throughout 2017, we will update you with details on special promotions, events and community outreach. Keep in touch with us here on our website, sign up for our email alerts, or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.  #LSCU50Years

Spreading Good in Our Communities

Our growth and success throughout the last 50 years would not have been possible without the support of our communities. To show our gratitude, we will be performing 50 random acts of kindness. Connect with us on Facebook or visit our 50 Acts page to see how we pay it forward through November 30th! 

Tell Us Something Good!

Members shared memorable experiences working with one of our employees, how LSCU has helped them feel financially empowered, and their favorite part about being an LSCU Member. Each week through October 20th, we selected a story to highlight and that Member received our special 50th Anniversary stainless steel tumbler as a free gift! 

Member Highlights:

Above & Beyond - Roberto R.

I just wanted to tell you" THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP". You went above and beyond to help me. You were so patient with me and helpful, on working on my application. You answered all my questions and and called me back right away each time I would call. 

Thank you for your help, 

- Roberto R.

Member since 2017

Feels like Home - Alli R.

Lone Star Credit Union has so much meaning to me…. not only did my grandmother work for LSCU, but my grandfather worked for Lone Star Gas and we have had accounts since the early 80’s.  I remember as a young girl, my dad waking my siblings and I up and telling us, “It was that time of the year…. Annual Meeting time.“ My father would bring us to the annual meeting and we would stand and learn about the credit union, not knowing it would help us understand how great credit unions are instead of the big banks. Back then, LSCU would hand every member that came to the meeting an envelope with money in it. I remember getting in line to receive our envelope and hoping it had more than a dollar. LSCU taught me from a young age that savings was a must, so we would take our money and have our grandmother deposit it into our accounts. Since then, I have not only had my savings account but a checking account and personal loan to help pay for medical bills. Now that I work for LSCU, I feel at home. This has been my home since I was a young girl. Being lucky enough to work here and see the growth and having a say, has been a dream come true.

Thank you LSCU for being that “Something Good” to me when I was young and now being that “Something Good” for our Members.

- Alli R.

Member since 1987

Good Inside & Out - Miguel D.

Lone Star Credit Union stands out over any credit union that I have known or worked for.

I have been in the credit union industry for 24 years, at three different credit unions, at the credit union bank, and I have never experienced such a close knit working environment as it is here at Lone Star. If credit unions were big enough to be ranked in the best companies to work for in America, I am certain that Lone Star would be in the top 5.

The executive team sets the standard in regards to how members should be treated, and the culture of family within the credit union. Experiencing it first hand when an employee had to be out on medical leave and how everyone was concerned for the individual, asked about her daily, and how top management did all they could to ensure that we would work with the employee as much as possible, meant a great deal to me and my team.

Teams such as the Core Team, Culture Club, the Portal Team, Incentive Committee, the  50th Anniversary Committee, etc. help to make certain that everyone has an opportunity to be part of the culture and have a say. Everyone that I have spoken to who have been able to be part of these teams state that it makes them feel that their opinions really do matter and count. Most of all, these teams help to make all employees feel appreciated. These groups also find the best products and services to offer members and implements those that will not only benefit the credit union but our members as well.

I’m telling you…there is something GREAT going on at Lone Star Credit Union and I am excited to be a part of it!

- Miguel D.

Member since 2016

Thank You for Celebrating With Us

We truly enjoyed celebrating 50 years of you - our Members - during our week-long celebration in October and we hope you were able to stop by and enjoy some refreshments & free daily giveaways!