New Visa Debit Cards

Your new VISA® branded debit card is coming soon!  Start using your new VISA® debit card August 7, 2019. You will enjoy the same great benefits and protection as the Mastercard™ debit card plus more. Visit this page frequently to stay up-to-date on the conversion to your new VISA® debit card.

Why the change? Our new debit card vendor provides both the Member and the credit union with new features and better processing while improving the credit union's efficiency and decreasing expense.

Exciting Changes

  • New Card Design
  • New Card Number
  • Visa Branded

Additional Enhancements Coming Soon

  • More control over your card through a Mobile App
  • Robust Fraud Management Tools
  • Mobile Wallet Ready

Here's The Information You Need To Know

Members will receive a new VISA® branded debit card in the mail mid-July 2019. Activate and set your Personal Identification Number (PIN) by calling 866.985.2273 from your home phone number tied to your credit union account. Although the new card cannot be used until August 7, 2019, we recommend activating it now so it is ready to go.

If you don't receive your new VISA® debit card in the mail by August 1, 2019, please call our Member Service Center at 214.327.9367.

Your existing Mastercard™ debit card will remain active through August 6, 2019. Transactions made with the Mastercard™ debit card after this date will be denied.

The new VISA® debit card will have a new number. Any pre-authorized or recurring charges (insurance, utilities, fitness club, subscription services, etc.) will need to be updated.