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With Bill-Pay, you have the opportunity to receive, view, and schedule payments to any payee you choose. It’s like an 'electronic mailbox' for your bills; in fact many billers will 'present' their bills to your bill payment account. Whether you're paying the babysitter or your utilities, Bill-Pay makes it more convenient and saves time. Simply log into online banking, and choose Bill-Pay to get started today.

Manage and make your payments conveniently anywhere, anytime.

Bill-Pay is a free* service for Members with an LSCU checking account. Members can make payments from their online banking account as needed, eliminating the need and cost of mailing a check. Users can also view their previous payments as well as well any payments scheduled in the future.

  • Make a one-time payment
  • Schedule recurring or future payments
  • Add billers to quickly make routine payments
  • View payment history

Say “Goodbye” to late fees with new same day Bill-Pay.

If you need to make your payment on the day it's due, just choose the same day payment option for $9.95 and the biller/payee will receive your payment the same business day it's submitted. To use the same-day payment option, simply click the calendar icon to pick your payment date and select the current business day, it’s that easy!

Enroll in Bill-Pay

You can enroll in bill-pay by logging into online banking and selecting the "pay bills" option from the top menu. A new window will open, click on the "enroll me" link and follow the instructions. When completing the registration, please use your Member number (savings account number) as your account number. 

*Bill-Pay is free when at least one bill is paid per month, otherwise a $4.95 monthly charge will apply. Bill-Pay is available on FREEdom Checking and TX Heritage Checking only. Billers/payees must participate in same-day payment and accept electronic payment for same-day Bill-Pay to be an option. Bill-Pay is a third-party service.