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Eliminate the need to share private account information just to send money. With Popmoney, a peer-to-peer (P2P) payment system, you can send money directly to someone's bank account with as little as a phone number or email address. Avoid the hassle of running to an ATM or mailing a check, try Popmoney today! Just log into your Online Branch to get started.

Send money quickly and hassle-free with P2P payments

With Popmoney, there's no need to share private account information or worry about having cash on hand. Using a phone number or email address, you just enter a few pieces of information, a message to the recipient, and send your payment. The money is sent directly from your bank account to theirs, in as little as one business day.

  • Send money directly to a recipient's account
  • Ability to set up recurring or future payments
  • Request money from someone
  • Import email contacts to easily set up payments
  • Personalize your payment with an eGreeting Card

Payment recipients can claim their funds through their online banking (if their financial institution offers Popmoney).If the recipient’s financial institution does not offer Popmoney, funds can be claimed through the Popmoney public site.

3 great ways to use Popmoney:

  1. Pay a friend back for lunch
  2. Send a last-minute gift
  3. Pay your babysitter

Popmoney is available to checking account holders that are signed up for Bill-Pay. If you were previously signed up for ZashPay, your enrollment is automatically transferred to Popmoney.