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Digital Banking Upgrade

Lone Star Credit Union is moving to a more powerful, more functional, and more joyful digital banking platform! This spring, LSCU will introduce a new way to bank on your laptop, tablet, and phone – accessible anytime anywhere. As we get closer to converting to our new platform, this page will be updated with FAQs, screenshots, and other news, so check back frequently! 

New digital banking platform coming May 19, 2021

What is the difference between online banking and digital banking?
LSCU has chosen to use the terminology of digital banking for our new platform. Digital banking is a more inclusive term to describe banking activities completed using a digital device – whether it’s a desktop computer or mobile app on a tablet or phone

How will the new digital banking platform benefit me as a Member?
With our new digital banking platform, we will provide you with more services, including:
• New design with customizable dashboard
• Member to Member transfers
• Real time alerts
• Enhanced security

Enrollment FAQs

Will I need to re-enroll in digital banking?

Yes. After the new system launches on May 19, 2021, all LSCU Members will need to re-enroll in digital banking to access their accounts. You can enroll on a desktop or from your mobile device. The first time you log in, you will be asked to verify your identity with a text message or email message. This is called multi factor authentication (MFA) and helps to keep your accounts safe. 

Will my digital banking username or password change?

Yes, your login information will change. After May 19 you will need to re-enroll in digital banking. To do this, visit Digital Banking and click “enroll.” The new system will then prompt you to register. Please make sure to have your account number ready for verification purposes. Once the system has verified your identification, you will be prompted to choose your new user ID and password. You will be asked to verify your identity with either an email or text message. This verification process helps to keep your account secure.

Will joint account owners need to enroll with their own username and password after May 19?

Yes, they will need to enroll with their own username and password to have access to the accounts. All credit union Members will need their own username and password. 

Will I need to download a new app?

Yes, after May 19, you will need to download our new LSCU digital banking app. More information on the app is coming soon!

Will I need to re-enroll in mobile deposit?

No, once you enroll in digital banking, you will not need to re-enroll for access to mobile deposit. Upon enrollment in digital banking, you will be asked to accept the terms and conditions of mobile deposit. 

What happens if I don't receive the text message or email to verify my identity? 

If you don't receive the text or email, please call Lone Star Credit Union at 214.327.9367, or you can use our online chat feature to reach out.